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Real bride sharing - Wendy

"It's worth recommending. There are so many wedding dresses styles, and they are all so special. At first, it was very difficult to make a decision, because many of them are good. Finally, I chose a wedding dress that is simple and noble (I think). There are always new styles that if you haven't decided to wear your dress, you can try other new ones again, it's really good until you're satisfied, so it's highly recommended to all brides!", said Wendy, bride of Mariee.

"Thank you Wendy, for your feedback and choosing Mariee Bridal Couture. We appreciate you for taking your time to write your recent experience with us. Your compliment is the greatest encouragement to our team. We strive to give our best to our bride, with the most versatile and quality dresses we could find. Once again, thank you for recommending us to your friends, we wish you love, beauty and happiness in the future!", responded Kelly, founder of Mariee Bridal Couture.

Wendy was wearing wedding dress Annabel from Kitty Chen Collection, retailed by #Mariee Bridal Couture.

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