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  • Nicole Spose成立於1996年,品牌對婚紗的熱情是卻是家族傳統的一部分。 該品牌的創始人亞歷山德拉·里諾多(Alessandra Rinaudo)與她的丈夫一起,從童年時代就開始呼吸著古老的高級時裝裁縫店的氣氛。 妮可時裝集團Nicole Spose繼續在意大利和全球市場佔據領先地位。Nicole Spose was born in 1996, but the passion for the bridal dress is part of a family tradition. Alessandra Rinaudo, founder of the brand along with her husband, has breathed since her childhood the atmosphere of an ancient high-fashion tailor shop. Nicole Fashion Group continues to gain a leadership position in Italy as well as in global market.